Look what they’re saying about DDAC!!!

Lori thank you for inviting me to your affair (DDAC 3RD ANNUAL UGLY TOPS HOLIDAY GIFT DRIVE) last night. I obviously had a ball. I think what you’re doing with your program is outstanding. Keep up the great work, you’re a winner.

     12-10-18 Valerie R.

Good job with everything last at DDAC 3rd Annual Ugly Tops Holiday Gift Drive. Your organization will go far. Continue to work hard on it and it def will pay off. 

     12-10-18 Shakeera Woodson 

I just want to congratulate the DDAC team on another successful event.

     12-10-18 Tasha Wright 

Good morning awesome event.

     12-10-18 Lorrie W.

We enjoyed ourselves at the Annual Ugly Tops event. Thank you for hosting and honoring one of our members last night!! We can’t thank you enough. We look forward to events to come Lori. 

     12-10-18 HPD Officer Cruz 

Lori, I heard that you gave another wonderful event last night. I’m sorry I missed it.

     12-10-18 HPD Officer Flowers 


     12-11-18 Ke Smith

Another great event! I had a great time.

     12-10-18 Sadira Joseph 

It was a great event! Had a great time. 

     12-11-17 @rayne2468

We had a good time.

     12-12-17 @Imjustwillforme


     12-12-17 @corysvision

I had a nice time at your event. Thank you

     12-12-17 Willy Will

Hey Lo.. great event last night as expected😊 those candy apples were freaking delicious.. oh and looooove the pens!! 

     12-12-17 Tashiba Salaam

Lo, you’re doing great things with your foundation. Had so much fun thanks for the invite.

     12-12-17 Tasha Wright

Hey....I had a great time and you did a great job.

     12-12-17 Kim Nelson

Docky D Altruists, 

I hope you enjoyed our karaoke version of Salt-n-Pepper's "SHOOP", there goes my 20 seconds of fame. 😂😂😂 Hope to see everyone at next years event. Have a Happy Holidays!!

     12-12-17 Carlton Evans

Great time at the Docky D Altruists 2nd Annual Ugly Tops Holiday Gift Drive....... LoLo ThreezeroSeven I'm vey proud of you.......You poured your heart into this event and it was a great success....... Daddy "Docky D" is smiling down on you saying "that's my baby girl."

     12-11-17 Hope Smith

Hey Lo Good job with event.

     08-20-18 Shakeera Woodson

Great event last night!! 

Great job!!👍🏾

     08-20-18 DJ RAN

Good morning Lori thank you so much for a fabulous time last night I appreciated everything even my spa package yay if you ever need me don’t hesitate to call God bless you in all of your endeavors have a good day.

     08-20-18 Kimara Lovelace 

Thank you. I had a great time, the music was awesome and it was for a great cause.

     08-26-18 @jackies0204

The BEST is yet to come for your organization......BELIEVE 

     08-26-18 @chosen_tee

Thank you for your commitment to the community. Amazing event! 

     08-26-18 @councilmanbergleneus

💕 the Sneaker theme....I would love to come next year

     08-26-18 @gii_sweetness123

The decor & ambience was simply beautiful.

     08-26-18 Takesha Henry

Had such a great time at the Docky D Altruists 1st Annual Oldies But Goodies Sneakers Gala! Congratulations on a great event for a worthy cause LoLo! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

     08-20-18 T Strong StyleMayvin

Great Event!  I had a great time! I'm so proud of you! Love ya! 

     08-26-18 Teresa Walker 

Congratulations on your successful event!!!!🎈🎈🎈

     08-26-18 Anna Smith

I'm glad your event was successful.  Congratulations. 

     08-26-18 Mattie Wilkerson

Great Job LoLo!

     08-26-18 Latonja Wilson

Well done

     08-26-18 Tara Fletcher 

Aww man I had an excellent time at the Docky D Altruists Corp. 501c3 1st Annual Sneaker Gala last night!! Kimara Lovelace killed it!! Great job LoLo and the team!!! 👊🏽💪🏿🙌🏾

     08-20-18 Dee-jay Ran 

Action packed Sunday was capped off attending the @docky_d_altruists annual sneaker gala!! Food, great company, great entertainment, and service! I wish nothing but blessings upon blessings to the entire Docky D family and supporters! They are doing big things so please follow them on IG/FB! #love

     08-20-18 Councilman Bergson Leneus 

Such an amazing night for an important cause! ❤️

     08-26-18 Lori Wood Montague 

Had a great time...😍

     08-26-18 Josie Payoute 

Great time , beautiful people , and a Great Cause !

     08-26-18 Blair Amanda 

Had a wonderful time, especially enjoying the "oldie but goodie" music!!

     08-26-18 Inez Martin 

We are so thankful for the work of local organizations like Docky D Altruists Corp. 501c3 who are helping us Fight Alzheimer's in New Jersey! 

Before the Labor Day holiday, their founder Lori Smith presented Alzheimer's New Jersey with a check from their 1st Annual Oldies But Goodies Sneakers Gala, which took place in August. Thank you to everyone who attended their gala and helped them raise funds for ALZNJ!💜💜

     09-04-18 Alzheimer’s New Jersey 



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