Meet The Team



“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” 

Tasha Wright is that dreamer. A native of New Jersey (Jersey Girl), Tasha developed a fondness for people at a very early age. Always one to spark a conversation, her “gift for gab” led her to pursue a degree in Communications. It also led to a very successful career in the Healthcare industry, managing a team of customer support professionals.

Tasha has always shown compassion and empathy for others which motivated her to volunteer with various charitable organizations. She has organized company sponsored community events such as meals for families at Thanksgiving and toys & clothing drives during the holiday season. As the Vice President for Docky D Altruists, Tasha will continue to work in the community to advocate for those less fortunate.

Aside from work, Tasha also “manages” her household as a single mother of two amazing young men (Amir, 18 and Ahmad, 8)… they are her world and inspire her to be a better person. 

If there is anything Tasha has learned over the years, it’s that together everyone achieves more (T.E.A.M.) and “TOGETHER” we truly can make a difference! 

Evereyone Isn’t As Fortunate As The Next; Are You In!?



Todd Hay, born and raised in MD is an  amazing husband and father. Mr. Hay is the Regional Vice President for Pennoni’s Newark, NJ, NYC and Boston offices and civil engineering professional with over 25 years of experience. Securing, managing and delivering projects regarding transportation, utilities, traffic, recreation, K-12, college/university, federal and energy projects in Northeast US. Serving over 25 municipalities, 4 counties and 10 public school districts as on-call engineer and senior management for over the past 15 years. Proven track record in making a healthy profit and collecting accounts receivable in a timely fashion. With the experience, knowledge, participation of various fundraising events and the love for others make Mr. Hay an asset to DDAC. Everyone Isn’t As Fortunate As The Next; Are You In!?



Laura Bellevue, a lifelong resident of Rahway New Jersey. Laura has over 10 years of financial experience but she’s dedicated her life’s mission to aiding families in times of trouble and need. Graduating from Kean University with a Bachelors in social work and minor in Psychology with high honors, Laura continued her education graduating with High Honors and receiving a Masters in Social Work from Fordham University. 

So many changes occur as families grow and evolve with passing years and Laura is ready and able to help with these transitions. 

Laura believes that positive support and encouragement will give people the confidence they need to utilize their own strengths and realize their ability to live fulfilling and happy lives. 

Everyone Isn’t As Fortunate As The Next; Are You In!?